This is but a glimpse of what Rogue could’ve been in the third X-Men film.

balltoh: I love your response to someone's question about Emma Frost's portrayal in Fox's X-Men films. Do you have an opinion on Rogue's portrayal? I like Anna Paquin, but the Rogue I see in the films is FAR from the Rogue I know and love in the comics. I was just curious to see what your opinion is and who you would cast as Rogue. I agree with your choices for Emma Frost. Spot on. Also, you work is amazing and I look forward to seeing more of it. :)




now this would be a question where i turn to uncannybrettwhite's expertise. i believe he's written about this very question a few times before.

as for my opinion, I’m not the biggest rogue fan. not as in i dislike her in any way, but i don’t have any strong opinions towards her in any way. but from just the years of comics I’ve read, the film rogue is in no way an accurate adaptation from the source material (as is about 95% of the film characters)

Aw yeah! Flattered!

I have no idea if this person will ever see this but: the Rogue in the X-Men movies is basically the Rogue that existed for two issues in the early ’80s — Uncanny X-Men #171-172. When Rogue ran to the X-Men, as a scared teenager with no control over her powers and no direction in life. She was not strong, she was not confident, she was justly reviled by the X-Men for being a member of Mystique’s Brotherhood of Evil Mutants.

That’s the Rogue Wolverine meets in a bar in Canada, that’s the Rogue that gets damseled in the third act of “X-Men,” that’s the Rogue that gets sidelined in “X2’s” third act, and that’s the Rogue that goes and gets her powers taken away in “Last Stand.” Three movies dedicated to the meekest, version of Rogue.

That version of Rogue only works because of “Uncanny X-Men” #173 — when Rogue takes a deadly laser blast meant for Wolverine’s fiance, Mariko. Self-sacrifice, bravery, strength, all right there. The Rogue that laughs and flies higher and punches harder is born right there; that’s the Rogue that took out Master Mold in the Outback. That’s the Rogue that ya see in Fox’s “X-Men.” That’s the Rogue that stopped a movie train with her bare hands in last year’s “X-Men” #1. And that Rogue has never been in a movie. 

And it’s BS.

If you can’t set footage of Rogue kicking ass to “Bitter Rivals” by Sleigh Bells, it’s not my version of Rogue.

Brett white, everybody

Beautiful!  Well-said!  Thanks guys for taking the time to answer my question!  In that big issue of Empire Magazine (with the 25 DOFP covers), Anna Paquin was quoted as saying that she wants to play more Rogue and that she thinks she still has a lot left un-explored as far as her personality and her powers.  Even the actress is on board for our girl getting the development she deserves!  I heard rumors that Rogue was written into an early draft of ‘The Wolverine.’  And it even might get a sequel!  I have no idea if it’ll take place in Japan again (you know, with Days of Future Past re-writing history and all), but MAYBE we’ll see Anna Paquin’s Rogue as a co-star to Hugh Jackman’s (probably final act as) Wolverine!  You know, like the Black Widow to Captain America in The Winter Soldier.  Wishful Thinking…

P.s. that Sleigh Bells song?  Perfection.

Ready for the Day of the Doctor with our Doctor Who door! :D

15 minute Anna Paquin practice sketch.